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Richie Law Band

About The Band

Richie Law - Lead Vocals

Richie Law

Richie sang in complete sentences before he spoke in complete sentences. Originally from Kennesaw, GA, he was surrounded by a family filled with musical talent. Richie was a member of the Emmy nominated Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir and toured with them in 2012 until leaving to pursue American Idol. After that amazing experience and making it to the top 40 in Season 11, he decided to return to Colorado to focus on his career as a country artist. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman but most of all, Richie loves to perform.  

Chuck Lawson - Guitar/Vocals

Chuck Lawson

Chuck grew up in Georgia and from an early age had aspirations to play country music professionally. At age 20, he moved to Nashville to pursue his dream and within a month he was playing gigs there 5 nights a week. After a few years, he moved to Atlanta and continued playing in bands there for 15 years until moving to Colorado. Chuck has fronted several different bands, but by age 16 his son Richie was starting to show lots of promise as a lead vocalist and slowly starting taking over full time singing duties for the band. Richie and Chuck aren’t the only musical members of the family though. Chuck’s wife Melanie is a talented singer, his daughter Grace is an amazing singer/songwriter, and his other son Chase is an impressive guitar/bass player as well.

Ken Setser - Guitar/Vocals

Ken Setser

Ken was born in Ohio to a musical family deeply rooted in the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee. He was playing piano in church by the time he was 5 and picked up the guitar when he was 14. By the time he was 17, he was working with well established acts across the country and thrived as a top rock player on the club circuit for many years. In 2010 his passion went back to his roots and the country pickin’ that was bred into him came shining through. Ken worked for several years as a top tier hired gun player and was hired as a fill in for Richie Law. From there he knew that Richie had that something special and has become part of the Richie Law family.

Matt Feldman - Bass

Matt Feldman

Matt has been playing bass guitar for the last 17 years covering many different genres of music.  Originally from Michigan, he moved to Tennessee as a young man and then Colorado where he has been living since 2008. Matt grew up in a musical family and picked up many different instruments throughout his childhood which helped develop his interest in playing music professionally. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids as well as being outdoors as much as he can. Being on stage is something that is always exciting for him and he loves playing country music. 

Jim Trotter - Drums

Jim Trotter

Jim is a native of Longmont, CO and has spent the last 40 years playing drums professionally on different stages all around the country. He has played everything from Heavy Metal to Jazz in different bands. Jim’s passion for music came early in life as his father was a bass player and band rehearsals were always at their house. Eventually Jim gravitated to the drums and at the age of 14 started his professional career playing in his father’s country band. He has played drums behind Patsy Montana, The Row Brothers, Johnny Paycheck and Louise Mandrell just to name a few.