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A few things about Richie Law

It been said that Richie Law is Colorado’s rising star.

Richie was born in Kennesaw, GA on April 27, 1992. Surrounded by a family filled with musical talent, Richie sang in complete sentences before he spoke in complete sentences. Now as a man he is exciting crowds across the country with his band of top notch players.  His enormous vocal range and thundering lows are sure to send a shiver through your body at any given performance.

Richie has a long list of accolades for such a young man but he isn’t resting on his past accomplishments, he is constantly perfecting his style and keeping his show current and relevant in todays country market.  Richie was a finalist in Season 11 of American Idol and since then he has shared the stage with some of country musics top stars including Darius Rucker, Jewel, Thompson Square, Sawyer Brown, Josh Turner and many others. 

Richies father Chuck has been been a key figure in his career as a long time musician and songwriter in his own right and he has been able to provide the guidance and support that has gotten Richie to where he is today.  Chuck continues to back Richie up as a guitar player in his current lineup.  Richie is an avid supporter of our Service men and woman and law enforcement and seeks out opportunities to support these fine folks whenever possible.

All that said, catch a Richie Law show sometime and find out why he is:

Colorados Rising Star

Chuck Lawson


Chuck is a veteran of the country music scene and apart from being Richies Dad and Mentor, has had a great career throught the years in his own right.  He was school mates and songwriting buddies with Grammy Winning Songwriter Wynn Varble growing up and Mr. Varble has been a key contributor to Richies first album - Final Destination.  Chuck, being an accomplished song writer as well, he and Richie wrote the title track of his most current release and is a key contributor on Richies upcoming sophmore release coming in the fall of 2018.  

Ken Setser

Ken was born in Ohio, to a musical family deeply rooted in the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee.  He was playing piano in church by the time he was 5 and picked the guitar when he was 14.  By the time he’s was 17 he was working with well stablished acts across the country and thrived as a top rock player on the club circuits for many years.  In 2010 his passion went back to his roots and the country pickin’ that was bred into him came shining through.  Ken worked for several years as a top tier hired gun player and was hired as a fill in for Richie Law.  From there he knew that Richie had that something special and has become part of the Richie Law family.

Jim Trotter

Jim Trotter is a native of Longmont Co. He has spent the last 40 years playing drums professionally on various stages, events and concerts. He has played everything from Heavy Metal to Jazz and everything in between on the road and here at home in Colorado. Jim's passion for music came early in life. His father was a Bass player in different bands and practices were always at their house. Eventually Jim gravitated to the drums and at the age of 14 started his professional career playing in his father's country band. Jim has worked with many bands that have been opening acts for The Kentucky Head Hunters, Mark Chesnutt, Highway 101 and Josh Turner and many more. He has played drums behind Pasty Montana, The Row Brothers, Johnny Paycheck and Louise Mandrell just to name a few.

Matt Feldman

Matt has been playing bass guitar for the last 17 years covering many different genres of music. Originally from Michigan, he moved to Tennessee as a young man and then Colorado where he has been living since 2008. Matt grew up in a musical family and picked up many different instruments throughout his childhood which helped develop his interest in playing music professionally. Playing country music is something he loves doing as he has been listening to it since the 1990s.

Group Members

Richie Law (Lead Vocals), Chuck Lawson (Guitar, Vocals), Matt Feldman (Bass Guitar), Jim Trotter  (Drums), Ken Setser (Guitar, Vocals)